Letvægts ladekabel Type 2 – Type 2 3 faser 20A (11 kW) 5m (Alle el og plug-in hybrider)


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Europæisk kvalitets ladekabel fra Harting

Lækkert tyndt og let kabel i premium kvalitet, der kan benyttes til alle el og plug-in hybridbiler. (Type 2)

Type 2, 3 faser, 20A, (11kW)

Produceret i EU.


Charging mode Mode 3
Number of phases 3
Number of contacts 7
Number of signal contacts 2
Number of power contacts 5
Contact configuration Signal: CP, PP
Power: L1, L2, L3, N, PE
Termination method Crimp termination
Core structure 5x 2.5 mm² + 0.5 mm²
Connector 1 Type 2
Female, (Vehicle side)
Connector 2 Type 2
Male, (infrastructure side)
Rated current (signal) 2 A
Rated voltage (signal) 30 V
Rated current (power) 20 A
Rated voltage (power) 480 V
Type of current AC
Charging power 11 kW
Coding resistance 680 Ω between PE and PP
Conductor resistance @ 20 °C ≤7.98 Ω/km @ 2.5 mm²
≤39 Ω/km @ 0.5 mm²
Mating cycles ≥10000
Degree of protection acc. to IEC
Cable diameter 12.8 mm ± 0.4 mm
Minimum bending radius 9x Cable diameter, (repeated
Insertion force <100 N
Withdrawal force <100 N
Ambient temperature -30 … +50 °C in operation
-40 … +80 °C storage/transport

Technical characteristics
Air pressure ≥540 hPa ≈ 5000 m
Material (insert) Polyamide (PA)
Colour (insert) Black
Material (hood/housing) Polyamide (PA)
Colour (hood/housing) Black
Material (cover) Thermoplastic polyurethane
Material (contacts) Copper alloy
Surface (contacts) Silver plated
Material (cable) TPE-U
Colour (cable) Black
Material flammability class acc.
to UL 94
RoHS compliant with exemption